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We understand how significant it is to guarantee a smooth operation of your solar system, especially with increasing energy costs every year. To identify any faults, our experienced solar technicians will inspect your system and carry out a comprehensive problem evaluation. Our knowledgeable team provides professional solar repairs throughout the city.

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Solar Repair Melbourne is the premier company for solar panel servicing, maintenance and repair. Our friendly and skilled solar electricians will ensure that your solar system runs at its peak performance, and provide high quality workmanship.

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Solar Repair Melbourne: Services we offer

Solar Inverter Repairs

Solar Inverter Repairs

Get in touch with Solar Repair Melbourne if you encounter any issues or queries regarding your solar inverter. We are available to fix or replace solar inverters from all leading brands, so don’t let solar inverter errors prevent an optimal performance of your solar system. Speak to our experts now.

Solar Electrician

Solar Repair Melbourne serves customers in Melbourne with experienced solar electricians. If your solar panels or inverter have not been inspected in a while, a damaged panel, outlet, or link could lead to potential danger. Your solar panels might occasionally be unable to manage the extra load, or birds can damage your cables. Avoid such risky situations by coming to our qualified solar repair technicians for a thorough electrical inspection through Melbourne.

Solar Electrician
Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panels can be an excellent way to increase electricity output at home or a business. They are cost-efficient, environmentally friendly, and offer great value. To make sure they keep functioning well over time, they must be routinely cleaned and maintained. Solar panels require special cleaning services for optimal performance. Book solar panel cleaning with Solar Repair Melbourne now.

Solar System Servicing

Mounting issues, earthing problems, power faults, part recalls – many factors can compromise a solar system’s performance, which can only be identified, isolated, and resolved with complete, frequent, and professional solar services. With our help, your setup will be protected from external elements and work as best as possible. Our team of professionals will inspect, clean, and retest every corner of your solar system.

Solar System Servicing

Solar Repair FAQ

What problems can develop with solar panels?

Solar panels have a lifespan of 10-20 years when taken care of properly. Though, issues can eventually occur. Regular maintenance checkups can help recognize problems early and reduce the overall cost and disruption of your system. Common faults include low power output, water ingress, corrosion, hot spots and inverter failure.

Can solar panels be fixed?

It’s possible to mend a broken or defective solar panel. But homeowners and business owners may not know about this solution. The problem with solar panels vary based on their type. If there are cracks or hot spots that cause water ingress, then the panels should be replaced. Solar Repair Melbourne offers various services to clean, maintain, and repair solar panels, which will significantly reduce the chances of solar panel troubles.

What are the top solar panel brands?

There is quite a selection of solar inverter brands available on the market. Since the inverter carries out such an essential process, you should make sure it lasts and operates efficiently. Fronius, Aurora, Sungrow and Growatt are among the primary suppliers for Melbourne and Australia.

Do I need to hire a professional to repair my solar panels or inverter, or can I do it myself?

Though some simple maintenance tasks like cleaning your panels can be done by homeowners, more complicated services require professional attention. Solar panel and inverter repair need to be conducted by certified, qualified solar technicians. This will provide you with the assurance that the task is completed safely and your system is running at its best.

About Us

Solar Repair Melbourne’s mission is to make reliable, clean and affordable solar energy available to all. Solar electricians have extensive experience, certifications, and specialised expertise in managing complex solar and backup power projects. Residential and commercial solar panel installations include off-grid solar power, battery backup solar energy and custom solutions. Solar Repair Melbourne ensures reliable alternative energy to hundreds and thousands of residential clients across the region.

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