As a homeowner, you’ve made a wise investment in solar energy. You’ve chosen ABB solar inverters, a reputable brand known for its reliability and efficiency. However, like all technology, there may come a time when you encounter an error code or need to troubleshoot your system. This can be a daunting task if you’re not familiar with the technical aspects of solar energy systems.

But don’t worry, you’re not alone. As Melbourne solar repair experts, we’re here to guide you through the process of ABB solar inverter troubleshooting and understanding error codes. We’ll provide you with the knowledge and confidence to identify and address common issues that may arise with your ABB solar inverter.

Quick Summary

This guide will walk you through the process of troubleshooting your ABB solar inverter, understanding error codes, and when to seek professional solar inverter repairs.

Understanding ABB Solar Inverter Error Codes

ABB solar inverters display error codes on their LCD screens to alert users of potential issues. These codes are designed to help you identify the problem quickly and take appropriate action. However, understanding what these codes mean can be confusing without a reference guide.

For instance, error code 0008 indicates an issue with the inverter’s internal temperature, while code 0014 suggests a problem with the DC/AC converter. Familiarising yourself with these codes can save you time and stress when troubleshooting your system.

Troubleshooting Common ABB Solar Inverter Issues

Several common issues can occur with your ABB solar inverter. These include no power output, inconsistent power output, and error codes. Here’s how to troubleshoot these issues:

  • No power output: Check the AC and DC isolators to ensure they’re turned on. If they are and there’s still no power, it’s time to call in the professionals.
  • Inconsistent power output: This could be due to shading, dirty solar panels, or a faulty inverter. Consider cleaning solar panels or seeking professional help.
  • Error codes: Refer to your ABB solar inverter manual or the section above for guidance on what these codes mean and how to address them.

When to Seek Professional Help

While some issues can be resolved with simple troubleshooting steps, others require professional attention. If your ABB solar inverter is displaying an error code that you can’t resolve, or if you’ve tried troubleshooting with no success, it’s time to call in the experts.

Our team of Melbourne solar electricians are experienced in dealing with all types of solar inverter problems and can quickly diagnose and fix any issues with your system.

Maintaining Your ABB Solar Inverter

Regular maintenance is key to ensuring the longevity and efficiency of your ABB solar inverter. This includes regular checks for error codes, cleaning, and servicing. Regular solar panel servicing can help prevent issues before they become major problems.

For more information on maintaining your solar system, check out our blog post on how long solar panels last.


ABB solar inverters are reliable and efficient, but like all technology, they can occasionally encounter issues. By understanding error codes and basic troubleshooting steps, you can ensure your system continues to operate at its best. However, when in doubt, it’s always best to call in the professionals.

If you’re experiencing issues with your ABB solar inverter or need assistance with solar repair in Melbourne, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of experts. We’re here to help ensure your investment in solar energy continues to pay off for years to come.


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